David Olkarny - Photographer/Filmmaker


  • How to find inspiration ?


    An existential question for artists. Inevitably, there comes a time when lack of imagination arises, we feel out of creativity. The anxiety of the blank page. Banality and duplication of work threaten us.   … STOP!   One of the main engines would clearly be the idea of ​​sharing, to communicate feelings, to try to […]

  • Why create a blog?


    It is with pleasure that I welcome you here on my new blog. Those who know me know that I’ve been a big fan of photography and audiovisual for 4 years. I am fascinated by the light and shadow play, I love the colors, shapes, staging and emotion generated by an image. I realize how […]

  • Master of light


    I really want to tell you about it. Without going into technical and physical details about the light, I would like to share with you my approach and my vision. Of course, I will not hesitate to deal with the the strobist (field of photography that combines flash remotely). It is well known that lighting […]

  • Imaginary portraits


    Today we will deal with a subject that I love, which belongs to my own universe. It is good sometimes to leave the context of classical portraits, venturing to create a whole atmosphere around a portrait. To begin, we will go through and detail the different stages in the development of a photo shoot outside […]

  • Cactus V6 Triggers Review


    Here it is, beautiful and brand new: the new Cactus V6 trigger radio. Today I will test this new toy for you and compare it with its predecessor. First impressions :  A digital display with orange LED which is essential in low light, its menu buttons, the 4 different possible groups, its mini-USB port (ideal […]