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How to find inspiration ?

05/11/2014 inspiration-inspired-bulles

An existential question for artists. Inevitably, there comes a time when lack of imagination arises, we feel out of creativity. The anxiety of the blank page. Banality and duplication of work threaten us.




One of the main engines would clearly be the idea of ​​sharing, to communicate feelings, to try to bring a little more to the picture. Technique is good, but the story that a visual can harbor is necessary and essential.

A portrait photo captured quickly in the street, technically poor, but rich in expression will tell us a story and make us travel. In contrast, a well-lit, clean and edited a fixed model and soulless picture might make the same impact as a photograph of a fruit basket on a table in Formica.

Personally, I find that inspiration is found and built in the turmoil of everyday life. Everything is good to take, and when I ride in the car, I can be attracted to a place that appears insignificant at first sight. But associated with a low frequency light, to the walk of a pedestrian can become a shooting scene. Stroll, discover, open your eyes, the daily life is full of inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

Even through movies, some sequences may allow us to transpose any action to a photograph from the world of the 25 images / second.

The atmosphere of a cut scene, the colors, the expressions of the actors can become your muse of the moment. Even the sounds and smells. Film and photography are closely related. A photo can capture a moment of the film, but even more, it can transmit the atmosphere. Taking inspiration from different artistic fields can only be beneficial: the dance movements, the paint colors or sculpture for the harmony of forms.

Everything is complete, everything is intertwined to make a creation that has meaning, content.

I believe in the magic of the moment. Often during my photo shoots I repeat loudly “It is in improvisation that we draw real inspiration”

On the spot, at the time of the shooting, when nothing was planned or organized, the simple gesture of a model restyling his hair, someone walking, a ray of light or the wind playing with a dress can bring staged in the image.

And that is the magic of spontaneous T time that will happen only once, to be captured instantly. You have to be receptive to the unexpected and go get it.

Preparing thoroughly for a shooting is useful; it is indispensable for orders where rigor is required. But never overlook luck, the unexpected that will become your allies if you combine the technical nature of your work. Be available, willing to adapt to the situation as you expected something else.


Conclusion :

Do not forget the physiological sense of inspiration: we bring air into our lungs to breathe. Inspiration is part of the movement of life. Let’s swallow and assimilate everything around us to better breathe our creativity and intuition.

The pitfall to avoid is to put pressure in the context of finding new ideas. Looking for originality and innovation at all costs is likely to make us sterile. It is healthier to let embark on the movement of life, with a fresh look in an enthusiasm for the unexpected. If you’re still hungry for inspiration, do not forget that appetite comes with eating, ditto for inspiration. Do not wait, sitting in front of your screen, it’s by shooting that you will become a photographer.

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