David Olkarny - Photographer/Filmmaker

Available for various service as

  • Personnal photoshoot

    Course of a photo shoot:

    It is for everyone, without exception, from 8 to 98 years.

    The price is 200 € including VAT.

    These shoots are tailored to your personality. We will discuss in advance what is appropriate in terms of rendering and photographic universe. The session usually takes place on various indoor and outdoor venues, no studio with me, too static for my taste.

    I try to aim for a photo result different in terms of colors, backgrounds and emotions to meet all your expectations. Do not pose with me, I will put you in conditions of screenwriting: you will offer me positive or negative expressions, staying close to the natural and spontaneous. We want pictures that touch us, that talk to us live pictures and not of a model wearing a stiff smile.

    Far from me the idea to impose a specific posture, I prefer to put you on stage, make you laugh, make you do cinematic expressions worthy of a casting. I prefer the instinctive and the unexpected of a photo shoot rather than defined poses.

    Fun, spontaneity, derision are the keywords defining my shoots. This does not preclude discipline and technique, but that’s my part.

    After session:

    Color / skin / texture treatment is important to reveal more qualities of the photo. On 500/600 of raw photos, 20-30 good pictures will be edited. Selection will be made by me or you, at your convenience.

    Everything is delivered in high definition on a web-site / Dvd after a week, the photos are royalty free.

    Tips for sessions :

    – Bring 3, 4 different outfits that suit you, and make you feel good. There is no need to “cheat” by going for styles that are far from your personality, use your feeling, let yourself go but stay true to your image.

    – Sleep well the night before, be in shape, do a little peeling to have a nice skin, brush your teeth and give a smile to your mirror. You’re the star of the day.

    – It is not necessary to go to a pro makeup artist before, it’s up to you. Go easy on the makeup, a light foundation and a line of eyeliner are sufficient. The neon orange spread on the face should be avoided, it will cause me more work in postproduction.

    – Have a smile, let go and trust yourself, the photos will be more touching. The natural at the service of the professional.

  • Architectural photography

    + HD Photo Report, 5 to 30 photos depending on the size of your property.



    “Lifestyle” Report,  focusing on the design and spirit of your property, estimate on request.



    Video Creation + web hosting



    Create a PDF presentation of the property to send to your clients.



    Photo Touch Ups, (improved contrast and brightness, color fidelity, cropping, sharpening, optimization for web recording etc …)

  • Wedding

    The way I work?

    I’m not shy at all, I love contact, I know how to put people at ease, I like to laugh, I love candid shots.

    I will be the last of the photographers who will impose you pre-made poses, all stilted. This is the happiest day of your life (at least I hope it is)! The photo album should reflect that. I prefer to offer you custom scenes which will reflect the mood of your wedding. The idea is to move towards more natural images, touching while staying away from kitsch and tacky. A meeting is essential upstream to explain all that, and for me to  listen to your desires.

    What do I propose during a performance?

    My presence there on D-Day, preparations until 2am.

    800 to 1200 retouched photos  on DVD in high definition.

    A photobooth session in the evening.

    Love-session with the groom and bride, staging to discuss together.

    A web-site to your name, with the pictures in HD.

    My best smile throughout our whole collaboration.

    Do I move?

    With great pleasure and throughout the whole earth, the stipends will be charged to the bride and groom, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

    That’s all well and good, but how much is it going to cost?

    My performance for a wedding starts at 1800 euros including VAT, this price can fluctuate depending on the report.

    How to book me for your future wedding?

    Wedding or engagement session, I am available with a nice dose of creativity, do not hesitate one second to contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.

  • Event

    I am available for any type of event, private or individual, whether in Belgium or elsewhere.

    Do not hesitate to request a quote.

  • Fashion / artist

    Everything is possible, everything is achievable, I will not hesitate to spread my skills to develop the visual identity of your world or your brand.

    Do not hesitate to request a quote.

  • Workshop


    I offer workshops for anyone wishing to learn or to improve his or her photographic universe. This is theory as well as practice, we will go out of the academic tracks. I will give you advice, I will give you little tips for  practical cases. Topics covered during the workshop are varied.

    Here is a partial list:

    – How to shoot in natural light / with delayed flash

    – How to bring emotion into your images

    – Post-production secrets: Lightroom / photoshop / misc. plugins

    – Analysis of your current phot: reviewing, tweaking.

    – Communication, marketing, networking: how to subtly stand out.

      And so on … to your wishes!


    Novice, amateur, semi-professional … everyone is welcome! The workshops are all one-on-one, just you and me. I believe that this type of learning is the most personalized and therefore more efficient.


    All year round, 7 days 7 weeks, including week-ends … at your convenience! The workshop lasts approximately 4 to 5 hours.


    The workshops take place at my home in Brussels and we also go out to be able to shoot outdoors and work on  practical cases in order to apprehend photo. As mentioned above, these workshops are customized exist to answer all your questions. If you have any preference of location or staging, everything is possible.


    There’s no easier way, send a little message my way to schedule a date, I’ll be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

  • Short-movie
  • Music videoclip
  • Real Estate video
  • Corporate video
  • Wedding video
  • Video editing / color grading