David Olkarny - Photographer/Filmmaker

Ever since he was little, David loved animals.
He refused the baby bottle, he preferred the cup with the spout.
His favorite means of transport was the kangaroo. The pram is for babies.
He descended the stairs riding a large stuffed dog.
His blanket was a white rabbit who had no ears (the were chewed by baby teeth)

Youngest in a family of three children, he used to raise his voice (since he was so little) to be heard. And his classic reply quote was "look, Mom!" so that she looks at his cumulets, his drawings, his pear tree, his culinary creations (5 level bread toats), his hair creations (the whole jar of gel in his hair), a flower t-shirt combined with tiles shorts .... however, he was more discreet when he brought his school report card .

Having a curious temperament, he started hockey, judo, tennis, dance, hip hop, skateboarding, diabolo, salto. He loves to start but not to finish because he does not like the word "End" at the end of a movie.
On leaving school, he would rush on snack and color pencils. Today his appetite remained intact. David no longer draws but now exercises his imagination with his Canon.

He rubs his nose when he has an idea, fortunately no traces are left on his nose, though ...

He likes to shoot in natural light.
He likes to retouch photos in artificial light, when the city is asleep.

He loves so much the flat country of his that his feet are now flat: that is what the doctor says.

David is passionate, he loves life from every angle, a look, a posture, a gesture, an inflection, so many details that he will capture and sublimate.

I Like I don't like
Being in the sun when others are in the rain Being in the rain when others are in the sun
Falling asleep to an American series in the background To miss an appointment because of not being able to hear the alarm clock
Breakfast in bed Crumbs in the sheets
Share your photographic universe without moderation through internet The pictures of him naked when he was two, pinned to his mother's wall house
Pizza Pineapples on pizza
Retouching photos while watching a movie Ads during movies
Go play sports between two shootings Football except when the Red Devils win
Smiles from newlyweds as they discover their photo album To hear "rainy wedding, happy wedding"
Cats Cat's hair everywhere
Green plants Sprinkle green plants that end up turning yellow
His mom's casseroles Fancy and expensive restaurants where we may see a solitary carrot away from a chopped zucchini
Wild hair when getting out of bed This tiny string of hair on the tip of his tongue